2019 News Preview: Stories to Watch in the Year Ahead

January 01, 2019

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Today, on a special New Year's day edition of The Takeaway we’ll look at what 2019 has in store when it comes to some of the biggest issues affecting our country and our world—everything from climate change to domestic politics to U.S. foreign policy.


Sarah Wildman is a deputy editor at Foreign Policy magazine and host of the First Person podcast.

Kendra Pierre-Louis is a climate reporter for The New York Times.

Vann R. Newkirk II is a staff writer for The Atlantic who covers politics.

We'll also look back at some of our favorite segments from 2018.


Morgan Neville is the director of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” a documentary on Fred Rogers that was released in 2018.

Arlan Hamilton is a venture capitalist and founder of Backstage Capital.

Gloria Steinem is a feminist writer and activist.

DeRay Mckesson is a civil rights activist and the author of “On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope.”