Full episode - February 18, 2019
Hail to the Veep: Unpacking Vice Presidential History On this President’s Day, The Takeaway looks at the role of the vice president in U.S. history and how Mike Pence has interpreted the job compared to past second-in-commands. Migrants are Shuttered Away in Abandoned Mexican Factory, Not Allowed Exit to Request Asylum Migrants have criticized the conditions within the facility, but human rights organizations and journalists have not been allowed in. "The Yardstick Has Shifted": The Joys of Being Over 40 Two women who've written about life over 40, and the surprising joys it can bring. Guests: Joel Goldstein Alice Driver Jill Kargman Sophfronia Scott
Full episode - February 14, 2019
"We Are Here to Tell the Stories of Our Fallen Peers": Teen Journalists Documenting Gun Violence  Hundreds of student journalists have documented every life lost to gun violence in the year since the Parkland shooting. How Tackling Trauma in the Classroom Can Lead to Less Violence in Schools School shootings from Sandy Hook to Parkland have opened new conversations about the best ways to take trauma into account in the classroom. But the issue goes well beyond shootings. NASA Says Goodbye to Opportunity Rover 15 Years After Lift-Off NASA is saying a bittersweet goodbye to its Opportunity rover, declaring it dead this week. Amazon Walks Back Plans to Build Headquarters in New York Facing steep political opposition, Amazon decided it wouldn't be worth the $3 billion in subsidies to build a campus in Long Island City. On the Power of Love to Bridge Divides On Valentine's Day, Nishta J. Mehra, a memoirist, reflects on the expansive role love has played in her life.  Guests: Mary Claire Malloy Scarlett Liriano Cepin
Full episode - February 13, 2019
The Next Chapter for the Mexican Drug War El Chapo has been convicted. But will it matter for Mexico's drug war? History Shows That a Planned Wall Along Texas Border Could Cause Flooding, Ecological Disaster In Starr County, Texas, where a section of wall is scheduled to be built in September, residents and representatives are worried about potential flooding. A Fake Holiday Celebrating the Real Power of Female Friendships Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we talk about the value of female friendships in 2019. Guests: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera Melissa del Bosque Roland Gutierrez Nayda Alvarez Kayleen Schaefer Aminatou Sow You can connect with The Takeaway on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on our show page at TheTakeaway.org.
Full episode - February 12, 2019
Lawmakers Reach a Tentative Framework to Avert Another Shutdown  President Trump may not accept the deal, but it outlines a potential compromise only three weeks after furloughed federal employees returned to work.  Some Are Striking, Some Are Leaving: One Teacher on the State of His Profession Today Teachers are striking, and many are leaving the profession. One says teachers are recognizing their worth, even as the country continues to devalue them. Denver Teachers Strike: Day Two A look at the teacher strike in Denver — its history, what it is looking like on the ground right now, and how it fits into the broader, national teachers’ movement. How Virginia's Black Lawmakers Are Handling the Commonwealth's Leadership Crisis With the future of Virginia's top statewide officials in disarray, The Takeaway hears from a city councilor who governed through the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. Good Kids, Bad City: Overturning One of the Longest Wrongful Convictions in History The story of how three young men landed behind bars for a crime they didn't commit has as much to do with a scared 12-year-old boy as it does with a police who twisted his testimony. Guests: Damian Paletta Nate Bowling Melanie Asmar Wes Bellamy Kyle Swenson You can connect with The Takeaway on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on our show page at TheTakeaway.org.
Full episode - February 11, 2019
Over 700 Victims: New Report Exposes Sexual Abuse in Southern Baptist Churches An investigation from the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News shines a light at disturbing sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches. "Undercover, in Darkness and in Secrecy": One Former Nun's Story of Abuse One former nun shares her story of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, days after the Pope acknowledged that nuns, too, have been victimized. Guests: Robert Downen Lise Olsen Mary Dispenza
Full episode - February 07, 2019
Trump's Investigatory Troubles Extend Far Beyond Robert Mueller The Southern District of New York is pursuing criminal charges against the President's inaugural committee. For Some Saudis Accused of Crimes in US, the Kingdom Helps Those Charged Evade Justice Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon joins the show to discuss his proposed bill to make this more difficult. 'High Flying Bird' is a Sports Movie That Wants to Disrupt the System The Takeaway sits down with screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney and actor André Holland, to discuss their new movie, “High Flying Bird,” which was shot on an iPhone in just 13 days. Guests: Ilya Marritz Jessica Roth Shane Dixon Kavanaugh Senator Ron Wyden André Holland Tarell Alvin McCraney
Full episode - February 06, 2019
The Biggest Threats to America Today, According to You What are the major threats facing America today? You told us: they don't necessarily match those that President Trump outlined in his State of the Union. What's the Role of Editorial Cartoons in 2019 America? The earliest political caricatures date back as far as the 18th century. But the job is changing, and the people with the pen are also changing. Early Writings of Neomi Rao, Tapped to Take Brett Kavanaugh's Former Seat, Show Bias Against LGBT Community and Others Rao, who has never been a judge, is reportedly on President Trump's radar for future Supreme Court nominations. Guests: Samuel Brannen Umair Irfan Alice Rivlin Signe Wilkinson Zoe Tillman
Full episode - February 05, 2019
ICE Force-Feeding Immigrant Detainees, In Seemingly Unprecedented Move Last week, ICE confirmed that their agency is force-feeding nine detainees in El Paso, as a result of a hunger strike to protest conditions and treatment inside the facility. El Salvador Elects Nayib Bukele as President 37-year-old Nayib Bukele the former mayor of San Salvador, the country’s capital city, won the election in a landslide. U.S. Weapons are Ending Up in the Hands of Al Qaeda and Other Proxy Fighters Across Yemen Nima Elbagir recently spent 11 days in Yemen, and her reporting reveals how UAE and Saudi Arabia, both US allies, are enabling arms to wind up in the hands of Iranian backed militias. Nickel and Dimed...for Federal Government Court Documents The going rate is $0.10 a page but some experts estimate it costs only half of one ten-thousandth of a penny to send out a page.  Guests: Garance Burke Grace Meng Heather Gies Nima Elbagir Shira Scheindlin Matt Ford
Full episode - February 04, 2019
Freezing Conditions in Federal Detention Facility Raise Alarm According to the detainees, attorneys and media reports, the more than 1,600 inmates were largely confined to their freezing, dark cells. Governor Northam's Racist Photo Sheds Light on Virginia's Political History Democratic colleagues have called for Governor Northam to resign. But his case does not exist in a vacuum. As NFL Season Ends, Players Continue Fighting for Social Justice Off the Field The Takeaway speaks with wide receiver Doug Baldwin, a member of the Players Coalition, about pushing the league to donate money to causes addressing racial disparities in the U.S. Guests: Stephen Nessen Nicholas Turner Corey D. B. Walker
Full episode - January 31, 2019
How a Hate Crime Reverberates Through a Community  Empire star Jussie Smollett told police that his attackers shouted “this is MAGA country," referencing President Trump’s campaign slogan. NFL Players and Activism, On and Off the Field Although there has not been as much coverage, NFL players are still actively involved in social justice activism. In a Just Society, is There Room for Billionaires? Several high profile billionaires have come out against transformational social programs like Medicare for All, arguing the country does not have enough money. Creator of Netflix's "One Day at a Time" on Making the Show a Love Letter to Her Family The Takeaway sits down with the executive producer of Netflix’s "One Day at a Time," to discuss Latinx representation and balancing everyday realities with humor on the sitcom. Guests: Rebecca Carroll  Tobin Low Michael Fletcher Anand Giridharadas Gloria Calderón Kellett You can connect with The Takeaway on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on our show page at TheTakeaway.org.