Full story - October 19, 2007
Tendues and Torque Ken Laws was in his early 40s when he decided he wanted to study ballet. Laws taught college physics, and when he had to shift his center of gravity to perform a simple pose at the barre, he immediately connected the dots between physical principles and dance movements. Produced by Hillary Frank.
Full story - January 08, 2010
Full story - May 09, 2008
Natural historian Janine Benyus believes that imitating nature's best ideas can provide solutions to human problems. Could we store electricity like an electric eel to build a nontoxic battery? Benyus told Studio 360's Sarah Lilley how copying nature's design is the key to our own sustainability.
Full story - January 14, 2011
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Full story - November 12, 2010
Full story - April 23, 2010
What would Holden Caulfield be like if he took antidepressants? Actor Brian Vincent plays Holden in Eric Molinsky's satire.
Full story - March 28, 2008
Jonathan Mitchell is a writer in Los Angeles. He's written a novel about his life experience with Asperger's syndrome, an autism-spectrum disorder. Independent producer Tamar Brott met Mitchell in a writing class a few years ago. And Kurt begins his conversation with researcher Blythe Corbett, of the U.C. Davis M.I.N.D. Institute in Sacramento, a center dedicated to autism research.
Full story - September 05, 2008
We reveal Bernie Krause's mystery nature sound. Kudos to listener Dustin O'Neill of New York City.