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Tesla arrived in New York City in 1884 with 4 cents in his pocket and dreams of becoming a great scientist and discoverer. Explore Tesla's life in the city through this interactive map, along with photos, video and audio.
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Bonus Track: Attachment Laurie Metcalf reads more from Isabel Fonseca's Attachment.
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He's a grand old man in the young field of green architecture. In the 1970s, William McDonough built the first ?green roof? in America ?- a corporate headquarters with a meadow on top -- and now works on projects all over the world.
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Kurt's full interview with Harlan Ellison.
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Shanley's new movie "Doubt," based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning play, is set in 1964 at a Catholic middle school in the Bronx. A nun suspects an improper relationship between and priest and a student. Shanley describes how he came to create this powerful drama that challenges all kinds of belief, religious and otherwise.