Full story - October 12, 2007
Iraq and the XBOX In the mid-90s, the U.S. military discovered that Marines were customizing the videogame Doom to practice warfare, which prompted the Marine Corps to develop its own version of the game as an actual training tool. Now they've added another level of realism for a videogame that helps soldiers navigate the complexity of real urban warfare -- it's called Full Spectrum Warrior.
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Full story - January 23, 2009
For years he's been cast as the inscrutable intellectual in thinky films like "The Daytrippers" and "The Manchurian Candidate." But in "Defiance," Liev Schreiber fires his first machine gun. "Defiance" tells the true story of three Jewish brothers who flee the Nazis to hide out in the Polish forest. Hundreds follow to form a secret community - and most survive the war. Kurt asks Schrieber how he turned into an action hero.
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Samantha Hunt reads from the end of her novel.
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In the novel, Attachment, a wife assumes her husband's identity and begins an email correspondence with his lover. Kurt asks Fonseca what it's like to write about infidelity when she's in a happy marriage -- and about her own experience as the ?other woman? of novelist Martin Amis, now her husband. Actor Laurie Metcalf reads excerpts from the book.
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The New York subway system has one of the best environmental designs of recent years: Coney Island's Stillwell Avenue terminal, one block from the Atlantic Ocean, is topped by a state-of-the-art photovoltaic glass roof. Kurt checked it out with architect Greg Kiss.
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