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Bonus Track: "Keep On Looking" Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings perform "Keep On Looking" from 100 Days, 100 Nights in Studio 360.
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Stephen Talasnik's drawings, on view now at the Queens Museum, are detailed blueprints of fantastical architecture. They're inspired by the museum's Panorama - a meticulous scale model of New York City. Produced by Eric Molinsky and Derek John.
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Much of science today is grant-dependent and discourages dreamy, out-of-box thinking ?- because who wants to fund mistakes? Samantha Hunt warns Kurt that Tesla's visionary approach to science is all but extinct.
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He's a legendary music producer who's crafted records by with KD Lang, Counting Crows, and Emmylou Harris; his first gig was playing guitar for Bob Dylan. But Burnett's latest record, Tooth of Crime, is one of his own. He tells Kurt what went into making the album, based on a Sam Shepard play about a post-apocalyptic battle of the bands.
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Frances Arnold is a biochemical engineer at Cal Tech working on one part of the energy crisis. In a process called ?directed evolution,? Arnold's team is altering the genetic codes of bacteria to evolve a strain of organisms than can digest grass and excrete biofuel.