Full story - September 19, 2008
In a 17-mile long tunnel underneath the Swiss-French border, a particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) recently fired its first proton beams. In October, it will start smashing particles together. Scientists hope these experiments might solve some of the mysteries of the universe, like how particles acquire mass. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky looks into why the colorful and complex design of the LHC looks like the set of a sci-fi movie.
Full story - July 25, 2008
Every good cause needs some celebrity support, and poetry is no different. Bill Murray joined hundreds of people at an event for the Poets House, in New York. He's a frustrated poet himself, as Studio 360's Eric Molinsky found out.
Full story - July 09, 2010
Full story - February 01, 2008
Synesthesia causes people to hear music -? or see letters or numbers -? in color. Neuroscience is beginning to unravel what's going on in the brains of people with this cerebral phenomenon, but hasn't yet explained why the genetic mutation exists. V.S. Ramachandran, Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at UC San Diego, has a theory, as he explains to producer Michael May.
Full story - May 21, 2010
Full story - November 09, 2007
Gatsby Gets Schooled Students in Garth Wolkoff's English class in Brooklyn admire Gatsby, and find Daisy suspiciously ?chillax.? Azar Nafisi, who taught the book in Tehran, recounts the time her university students put the book on trial. The decadent capitalist Jay Gatsby, she says, should be a warning for radical Islamists.
Full story - November 06, 2009
What separates humans from animals? It used to be tools - and then we found out some animals are pretty handy. But what about art? There may be nothing prettier than birdsong, but each species sings pretty much the same tune. Are animals ever really creative?
Full story - September 18, 2009
Full story - March 27, 2009
With fewer customers these days for new desks and kitchenware, manufacturers are nervous. Industrial and product designers are on the case. They're trying to come up with new designs that directly respond to the public's mood. Produced by Kaomi Goetz.
Full story - January 30, 2009
The tea ceremony is a 400-year-old ritual for making and presenting green tea. But in Japan's fast-paced techno-centric society - one increasingly fueled by coffee - we wondered how the tea ceremony can survive. Studio 360's Jenny Lawton talked with tea masters, old and young, to find out.