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Kurt Andersen gets a cello lesson. Ben Hong taught Jamie Foxx how to play for the new film "The Soloist," and now takes on Kurt as a student.
Full story - February 22, 2008
They got their start at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in 1939. Sixty-nine years later, the band remains a gospel music institution. For their latest album, Down in New Orleans, the Blind Boys went to Louisiana for a new take on some classic spirituals. The group performs live in Studio 360 and Kurt chats with one of the group's original members, who is named Jimmy Carter.
Full story - February 27, 2009
Writer Henry Alford has a new book called How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth). We sent Alford to Washington Square Park to ask strangers to share their hopes and fears about growing old.
Full story - October 13, 2007
Design for the Real World: Sticky Fingers Stefan Sagmeister is an award-winning graphic designer who grew up in Austria and has designed album covers for the Rolling Stones and Talking Heads. When we asked him about his favorite album cover of all time, Sagmeister picked a notorious design by Andy Warhol: The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers. Produced by Derek John.
Full story - September 12, 2008
What did the music of ancient Greece sound like? Pottery shards and scraps of papyrus are the only clues we have. As Richard Paul discovered, there's a passionate group of classics scholars and musicians trying to fill in the blanks and revive the music of the people who gave us the word ?music.?
Full story - July 19, 2008
Steve Earle's wife and musical collaborator, Allison Moorer, joins Earle on this love song to their new hometown.
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