Full story - August 20, 2010
Full story - May 30, 2008
Kurt's full interview with Harlan Ellison.
Full story - June 25, 2010
Full story - March 28, 2008
In Damien Atkins' play "Lucy," an anthropologist named Vivian gets custody of her severely autistic daughter. Vivian's approach to Lucy's condition leads her to an extreme hypothesis: that autism isn't a disorder ?- it's the evolution of the species. Produced by Eric Molinsky.
Full story - January 22, 2010
Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi just released her debut album. Perhaps the only Borneo-born ukulele player to get a major record deal through YouTube, Zee Avi talks with Kurt about her album and performs live in the studio.
Full story - October 23, 2009
Full story - May 01, 2009
British artist Jeremy Deller worries that America has forgotten about the war. So he created a traveling art exhibit -- "It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq" -- to bring the war to us. Produced by Josie Holtzman.
Full story - March 13, 2009
BLK JKS plays the song live in Studio 360.
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Full story - September 19, 2008
Theresa Andersson performs the song live in Studio 360.