Full story - February 22, 2008
The French singer and cultural icon had a tumultuous life, as moviegoers are seeing in the Oscar-nominated biopic, "La Vie En Rose." Marion Cotillard's extraordinary portrayal of Piaf prompted Studio 360 listener Bill Mankin to write us about how he fell for her. Produced by Jenny Lawton.
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The Japanese schoolgirl image was made famous by comic books and cartoons. But not everyone thinks they're so kawaii (cute). What do Japanese women make of this archetype? Lisa Katayama met three young art stars whose work reclaims and re-invents female pop imagery, in some disturbing ways. But don't call them feminists.
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A spell at the MacDowell Colony is one of the best perks an artist can get. Tara Geer, a visual artist, went twice to work on her drawings. She also interviewed a MacDowell legend, lunch delivery man Blake Tewksbury. But the whole time, she was afraid she'd be sent home.
Full story - June 27, 2008
When a Hollywood studio wants to generate buzz for a blockbuster, TV ads and billboards don't cut it. The folks behind "Batman: The Dark Knight" (opening July 18th) took a sneakier route. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky was a recent target.
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