Full story - September 05, 2008
We reveal Bernie Krause's mystery nature sound. Kudos to listener Dustin O'Neill of New York City.
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Kurt and novelist Michael Chabon look at how Superman reflects a particularly American desire to merge astonishing power with good intentions and basic decency.
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Full story - December 07, 2007
In 1995 when a massive stroke left French magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby totally paralyzed, the only way he could communicate was by blinking his left eye. And it was how he dictated his memoir. Painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel has turned Bauby's book into a movie, and he tells Kurt what drew him to this story of creativity against all odds.
Full story - January 15, 2010
Full story - November 02, 2007
You're a Complicated Man, Charlie Brown At its peak, over 350 million people around the world read "Peanuts" every day. Its creator, Charles Schulz, led a much darker life than anyone realized, and he put his troubles into the funny pages. Kurt talks with biographer David Michaelis about how America's most beloved comic strip made "depressed" a household word.
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Steve Earle performs this song about leaving his adopted home of Nashville with no regrets.