Full story - January 03, 2019
Daniela Vega as Marina
In the face of bigotry, Chilean actress Daniela Vega looks toward a more hopeful future.
Full story - January 03, 2019
Musician Casey Trela
Casey Trela watches movies for a living.
Full story - January 03, 2019
Lauren Groff and the cover of her new book, “Florida.”
“When I first came down here, I was astonished by how nature wanted to kill you at every turn.” Author Lauren Groff on writing and surviving in Florida.
Full story - January 03, 2019
Warning: Some bleeping good radio ahead.
In the 1990s, pirate radio station WBAD started playing hip-hop music without bleeping it like commercial radio. But even if it was playing church music, the FCC still would have come after them.
Full episode - December 27, 2018
Best of the year.
Some of our favorite stories from the last year: Library music, The Noid and Angélique Kidjo.
Full story - December 27, 2018
A recording session for the KPM music library.
How library music composers anonymously churned out some of the strangest, funkiest music of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.
Full story - December 27, 2018
A Domino’s commercial featuring The Noid.
How a whimsical advertising mascot became part of a really dark story.
Full story - December 27, 2018
Angélique Kidjo
Singer Angélique Kidjo on her Talking Heads cover album.
Full episode - December 20, 2018
Settle in.
John Ford’s problematic masterpiece “The Searchers” and an inexplicable love for Hallmark Christmas movies.
Full story - December 20, 2018
A problematic classic.
The complicated legacy of John Ford’s problematic masterpiece starring John Wayne.