Full story - June 20, 2019
John Cameron Mitchell’s “Anthem: Homunculus”
In “Anthem: Homunculus,” John Cameron Mitchell and composer Bryan Weller have found a unique platform for a musical: a podcast. They join Kurt Andersen to discuss the shows origins, and perform a song live in our studio.
Full story - June 20, 2019
Steve Von Till of the band Neurosis.
An acclaimed post-metal musician supports his art by teaching elementary school.
Full episode - June 18, 2019
Nick Waterhouse performs live.
How Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker inspired the retro-styled music of Nick Waterhouse.
Full episode - June 13, 2019
Regina Spektor
How Regina Spektor prepared for Broadway, plus the real drama behind “Salt of the Earth” and finding oneself through “Finding Nemo.”
Full story - June 13, 2019
Regina Spektor
How Regina Spektor prepared for an entirely new arena: Broadway.
Full story - June 13, 2019
A mural commemorating the Empire Zinc strike in Bayard, New Mexico.
The historic strike in New Mexico that inspired a classic film.
Full story - June 13, 2019
A still from “Finding Nemo.”
A kindergarten teacher with a comfortable job watched “Finding Nemo” on a whim. She didn’t realize how it would change her life.
Full episode - June 11, 2019
Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane in "Deadwood: The Movie."
“There are no rules out here. Do not expect to be treated with a complicated civility.”
Full episode - June 06, 2019
“Booksmart” with Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, and “Ishtar” with Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty.
Why Elaine May’s 1987 flop “Ishtar” deserved better, the stars of “Booksmart” on their favorite on-screen friendships and how watching “Star Trek” as a boy changed everything for Ronald D. Moore.
Full story - June 06, 2019
Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty in the film “Ishtar.”
Why Elaine May’s infamous cinematic turkey actually soars.