Full episode - March 19, 2019
Director Jia Zhangke
Jia Zhangke on his latest film about the lives of working-class Chinese, "Ash Is Purest White", and the movies that shaped him.
Full episode - March 14, 2019
Yanni, the Greek god of sweeping, symphonic ‘90s music.
The improbable starmaker that brought us Yanni and John Tesh. Plus director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, and Nat King Cole at 100.
Full story - March 14, 2019
Tom Schilling as Kurt Barnet in “Never Look Away” and the director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.
Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck on his new pseudo-biopic “Never Look Away.”
Full story - March 14, 2019
Yanni performing “Live at the Acropolis.”
How Yanni, John Tesh and other musicians discovered an ingenious vehicle to ’90s stardom: the PBS pledge drive.
Full story - March 14, 2019
Nat King Cole performs in Chicago in 1954.
Why Nat King Cole is a legend and still relevant today, on his centennial.
Full episode - March 07, 2019
Heidi Schreck, not on Broadway.
Heidi Schreck’s memoir-tinged play about the Constitution hits Broadway. Plus making Broadway autism-friendly and the magic realist documentary “306 Hollywood.”
Full story - March 07, 2019
Heidi Schreck in “What the Constitution Means to Me” at New York Theatre Workshop.
Why Heidi Schreck loves the “weird” and “poetic” 9th Amendment.
Full story - March 07, 2019
A scale model of the real house at 306 Hollywood Avenue, from the documentary “306 Hollywood.”
How a brother and sister turned their late grandma’s house full of junk into a surreal and beautifully poignant film, “306 Hollywood.”
Full story - March 07, 2019
Niki Russ Federman at Russ & Daughters.
Having the chutzpah to join the family business.
Full story - March 07, 2019
Caissie Levy as Elsa in “Frozen” on Broadway.
Kids on the spectrum — and their families — let it go at a special performance of “Frozen.”