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March 03, 2001

Authenticity, Dreams, Imposters

<p>Kurt Andersen and writer Lawrence Weschler talk about authenticity and the gray areas between truth and fiction.</p>

January 27, 2001

York, Blast, General Idea

January 13, 2001

Re-creations, Yo-Yo Ma, Civil War

Host Kurt Andersen and special guest New Yorker critic Adam Gopnik discuss why artists, musicians and people from all walks of life choose to recreate artifacts from the past - on can...

January 06, 2001

Myth, Walkman, Le Guin

Host Kurt Andersen and special guest, novelist and essayist Marina Warner talk about how ancient myths permeate culture and entertainment, from Wagner's Ring Cycle to Ramstein's heavy...

December 02, 2000

Kitchens, Spoons, Machin

November 18, 2000

Myth, Walkman, Le Guin