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June 09, 2001

Tech, Glitch, Alma

<p>Kurt Andersen and composer and MIT Media Lab scientist Tod Machover talk about the convergence of art and digital technology.</p>

June 02, 2001

Authenticity, Imposters, Stamps

<p>Kurt Andersen and writer Lawrence Weschler talk about authenticity and the gray areas between truth and fiction.</p>

May 12, 2001

Beat, Blacklist, Paint by Number

<p>Kurt talks with English professor Ann Douglas about the art, music, and literature of the 1950's, and the decade's enduring influence on American culture.</p>

May 05, 2001

Food, Protest, Cowboy Boots

<p>Kurt talks with humorist Calvin Trillin about his Tummy Trilogy.</p>

April 28, 2001

Refuge, Tradition, Hollywood

<p>Kurt Andersen and Congolese novelist Emmanuel Dongala look at the lives and work of composers, writers, and musicians who left their native homelands and sought refuge in the United States.</p>

April 21, 2001

Light, Vermeer, Loie

<p>Kurt Andersen and novelist Rebecca Goldstein look at the ways artists, dancers, and filmmakers play with light.</p>

April 14, 2001

Siblings, Conductors, 1040

<p>Kurt Andersen talks with novelists Susan and Eliza Minot about the complicated and harmonious connections between siblings in music, poetry, and film.</p>

April 07, 2001

Preservation, Stop Sign, Sacred Harp

<p>Kurt Andersen and award-winning radio producer David Isay talk about the art of preservation.</p>

March 31, 2001

Teamwork, Schreckengost, Orpheus

This week in Studio 360, Kurt Andersen tests his knowledge of the Billboard top 100, and we profile an influential designer who helped create the look of the 20th century. In our cove...

March 24, 2001

Guthrie, Graham, Barbie

<p>Kurt Andersen and Nora Guthrie, Executive Director of the Woody Guthrie Archives*, talk about nurturing an artist's legacy.</p>