Why Werner Herzog loves cat videos

May 16, 2019

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The muse and the master, Werner Herzog.

The muse and the master, Werner Herzog.


Profiled Cat by Pasi Mammela/CC BY 2.0, Courtesy of 1091

Kurt Andersen talks with filmmaker Werner Herzog about his latest documentary, "Meeting Gorbachev," his unusual approach to narrating documentaries and their mutual obsession with cat videos. One of the busiest directors of TV comedy, Beth McCarthy-Miller, tells Kurt about directing “Saturday Night Live,” sitcoms and that notorious Super Bowl halftime show that popularized the term “wardrobe malfunction.” And 35 years ago, Prince went from a popular musician to a phenomenon with the release of “When Doves Cry” and the movie he wrote it for, “Purple Rain.” Two members of Prince’s band, Wendy Melvoin and Matt “Doctor” Fink, as well as music journalist and author Alan Light, tell the story of that remarkable song.

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