The Playbill of Rights

March 07, 2019

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Heidi Schreck, not on Broadway.

Heidi Schreck, not on Broadway.


Joan Marcus, Katrina Brown/Alamy Stock Photo

Kurt Andersen talks with Heidi Schreck about her new play, based on oratory competitions she took part in as a teenager, called “What the Constitution Means to Me.” Siblings Elan and Jonathan Bogarín join Kurt to talk about their new documentary, “306 Hollywood,” an artful and surreal look at how they dealt with their beloved grandmother’s house after she died. How Niki Russ Federman meant to stay out of her family’s smoked fish business, Russ & Daughters, and then found herself drawn in by klezmer music. And how Broadway productions are hosting special performances that take into account some of the heightened sensitivities and needs of audience members who are autistic.

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