The Oscar episode

February 06, 2020

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The Oscars return.

The Oscars return.


Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

It’s all about the Oscars. Kurt talks with Thelma Schoonmaker, the longtime editor for Martin Scorsese who’s up for an Academy Award for “The Irishman”; Adam Driver, who’s a contender for his performance in “Marriage Story”;  Quentin Tarantino, nominated for his film, “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”; and Antonio Banderas, nominated for his performance in “Pain & Glory.” Plus, the surprising story behind the man who actually posed for the sculpture that became the Oscar statue. And we meet Mark Sussman, the voiceover actor who overdubs Brad Pitt’s profane lines for the versions of his movies that run on airplanes and on television.

Stories in this episode


Mr. Clean

An unsung frickin’ hero: the actor who overdubs Brad Pitt’s profane lines for broadcast television.