Does laughter yoga work?

September 28, 2017

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A woman smiling at a laughter yoga class

Laughter yoga class


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Is the old cliché true — is laughter the best medicine? Kurt Andersen and Mary Harris, a health reporter at WNYC, go to a laughter yoga class to find out.

Also, we hear from a neuroscientist who studies laughter and moonlights as a standup comedian. Comic Chris Gethard explains why he resisted getting help for his depression out of fear of losing his humorous edge — and how getting treatment transformed his career.

And we find out when medical humor is — and is not — just what the doctor ordered.

(Originally aired July 14, 2016)

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Chris Gethard gets serious

Comedian Chris Gethard says comedy helped him when he was suffering from depression—but it wasn’t until he got help that his career took off.