Best of 2018, part 2

January 03, 2019

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The best of 2018.

The best of 2018.


LightField Studios Inc./Alamy Stock Photo, Zoonar GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo, Kristin Kozelsky

Some of our favorite stories from the past year. First, Kurt Andersen speaks with Daniela Vega, who delivered a stunning performance in "A Fantastic Woman." Casey Trela is a musician in Los Angeles with a Kafkaesque day job: He watches movies and TV shows over and over and over again looking for the tiniest production glitches. Lauren Groff has a complicated relationship with her adopted state, and nowhere is that more evident than in her recent short story collection, “Florida.” And an oral history of how, in ’90s New York, hip-hop pirate radio station WBAD rose — and fell.

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