Full story - July 15, 2014
Street artists create their art on canvases that don't belong to them. But Google's giving them a chance to save their work — before it's gone.
Full episode - July 10, 2014
The greatest interview ever recorded won’t get as many hits on YouTube as a cat giving a high five. The people behind Blank on Blank want to make audio go viral. They take audio gems that fell on the cutting-room floor, or low-fi cassette tapes that were never aired, and create original animations of two to five minutes. Producer David Gerlach selects the audio (everyone from Fidel Castro to Meryl Streep to 2Pac), and gives it to animator Patrick Smith, who visualizes the words in charming lo-fi videos. Blank on Blank is now drawing millions of views, and Sean Rameswaram talked with Smith about tricking people into watching audio.
Full episode - June 26, 2014
The internet was supposed to kill TV, but the two have become BFFs. Superfans turn to entertainment sites, YouTube, and podcasts to sustain the experience of their favorite shows. Episode recaps have been driving traffic to Entertainment Weekly, Slate, and Rolling Stone for years, but the form has evolved from a plot summary to an art with video series like Funny or Die’s Gay of Thrones, in which a Los Angeles hair stylist waxes outrageous on medieval mayhem. Sean Rameswaram speaks with Gay of Thrones host Jonathan Van Ness and Vulture’s Margaret Lyons.
Full episode - June 12, 2014
Jensen Karp, a.k.a. Hot Karl, tried to make it as a rapper, and failed. But he ended up with a lot of money in the process. He used his windfall to build an fan art empire: Gallery 1988. It’s a source for prints, portraits and, sculptures dedicated to our favorite pieces of pop culture, from Ghostbusters to Beastie Boys to Breaking Bad. And all of work hits huge online. Sean Rameswaram talks to Karp about his efforts to legitimize fan art, while giving the masses what they want.
Full episode - June 05, 2014
In the mid-90s, rappers from the East Coast to the West convinced a new generation to consume malt liquor in “40s”— 40-ounce glass bottles, yielding the alcohol equivalent of a six-pack in one serving. Sean Rameswaram speaks with food writer Besha Rodell and Mike D from the Beastie Boys, who says he doesn’t deserve the blame.
Full episode - May 29, 2014
Twitter thrives on the short and sweet; Gavin Speiller cheats. With Unfinished Scripts (@UnfinishedS), he dreams up preposterous, unfilmable movies, and tweets the first page of the screenplay. Sean Rameswaram talks to Gavin about why writing an imaginary movie beats the real thing.
Antaki Guardians 1
Vladimir Antaki has wandered through nine cities so far, from New York to Vienna to Beirut. His goal is to get lost and find treasures. In his photo series, "The Guardians", he captures the shopkeepers that he calls "the guardians of urban temples."
Full episode - May 22, 2014
How to win the ultimate GIF battle.