Full story - March 09, 2015
One of Sean Berthiaume's comic illustrations about quitting smoking.
Brooklyn artist Sean Berthiaume is already known for the whiteboards he fills with puns and comics at the pizzeria he co-owns. Now he's also getting attention for his Instagram-based comic series that tracks his sometimes painful, sometimes hilarious attempt to quit smoking.
Full episode - March 04, 2015
Tobias Jesso Jr. tickles the ivories
In 2012, a mostly-unknown musician in Los Angeles named Tobias Jesso Jr. got dumped, hit by a car, had his bike stolen, and found out his mom had cancer. He went home to her side in Vancouver, started writing songs, and everyone loved them -- from the big music blogs to Adele to Jimmy Fallon. Sean Rameswaram speaks with the singer-songwriter about how he turned his luck around. 
Full story - February 25, 2015
Model-maker Michael Paul Smith poses with a model of a passenger train.
Hobbyists like Michael Paul Smith and Alan Wolfson specialize in making stunningly details models of America's past, from small-town scenes to the gritty, sometimes obscene streets of 1980s New York.
Full episode - February 20, 2015
Dear Sugar is back as a podcast
The internet is doing great things for advice columns. Andrew W.K., T-Pain, and Haruki Murakami are the latest to start life-coaching, but Dear Sugar, the bygone column at the literary website The Rumpus, remains the fan favorite. Cheryl Strayed speaks with Sean Rameswaram about the deeply personal and confessional essays she wrote as Sugar, and the column’s recent re-launch in podcast form.
Full story - February 13, 2015
still from "Shinjuku"
Adam Magyar's video series, Stainless, captures the minute details of a commute in some of the world's busiest cities. Those moments, those insights, have made the video a viral sensation.
Full episode - February 04, 2015
Katy Perry's lyric video for "Roar"
We can't stop, won't stop, looking online for song lyrics — now 2 percent of all Internet searches. Why? Do we care about lyrics more than we used to? Or can we just scratch that itch easier than before — and can't stop scratching?
Full story - January 23, 2015
An image from Humza Deas' Instagram account.
Humza Deas isn't even 18 yet, but his photography is already a sensation. His shots from atop New York City's buildings and landmarks have earned him a huge Instagram following, a print-selling business and a New York Magazine cover.
Full story - January 26, 2015
"No Freedom without Freedom of the Press," by Tomi Ungerer, 1992
Many people know Tomi Ungerer for his children's books, but the French cartoonist was a scathing satirist who turned his pen against New York's rich, the Vietnam War and even Hitler — while living under Nazi occupation.
Full episode - January 23, 2015
Humza Deas dangles his feet over Times Square.
Humza Deas isn’t impressed by his nearly 100,000 Instagram followers, though he should be. He earned every one surfing subways, climbing bridges, and scaling New York City’s skyscrapers for the perfect photo. Sean Rameswaram speaks with the ambitious 17-year-old, who taught himself everything he knows about trespassing.
Full story - January 19, 2015
Stephanie Drazic is SmugMug's office manager.
When SmugMug, a Silicon Valley photo-hosting startup, wanted some pictures for the company gym, it turned to Benjamin Von Wong. What resulted was a dramatic series that turned the company's employees into extreme athletic warriors in black and white.