Full episode - August 09, 2018
For granted
Do you take your partner for granted?
Full episode - August 02, 2018
Tommy Guerrero
Are you stuck ruminating about the past?
Full episode - July 26, 2018
Active listening illustration
Do you find yourself looking at your phone when you're supposed to be paying attention to a friend?
Full episode - July 19, 2018
SOH Small Talk
Many of us avoid chatting with strangers – isn't small talk tedious and dull?
Full episode - July 12, 2018
Pollan illustration
Author Michael Pollan, shares his experiences on being a guinea pig for his new book.
Full episode - July 05, 2018
Purpose illustration
Did you know what you wanted to do when you were in high school? Our teen guinea pig takes on the challenge of figuring out her purpose in life.
Full episode - June 28, 2018
Fear illustration
Would you rather swim with sharks or give a speech before thousands of people? Discover how this happiness guinea pig tackled one of his many fears--and lived to talk about it.
Full episode - June 21, 2018
Season 2 Episode 3 illustration
Holding on to a grudge? Hear how our happiness guinea pig tried to let go of deep-seated anger and resentment.
Full episode - June 14, 2018
Dan Harris illustration
For years, Dan Harris of ABC News was plagued by anxiety, depression, and streaks of anger. Here's how he learned to tame the voices in his head and get 10 percent happier.   
Full episode - June 07, 2018
How to Let People Love You
In hard times, do you seek comfort from others or turn inwards? Find out how our Happiness Guinea Pig emerged from trauma by accepting others' support.