Full episode - November 26, 2018
soh image Wu
International megastar Daniel Wu tries a practice that brings him calm amidst the chaos. 
Full episode - November 15, 2018
SoH Compliments
Did you know that you have the power to spark happiness in someone else's brain with just a few simple words?
Full episode - November 08, 2018
Food sharing
Bringing people together to share a meal.
Full episode - November 05, 2018
SoH water wellbeing
Why does a bath or swim feel so relaxing?
Full episode - October 26, 2018
SOH image
Some apologies can actually make things worse.
Full episode - October 18, 2018
SoH Values image
How do you respond when you feel threatened or defensive?
Full episode - August 09, 2018
For granted
Do you take your partner for granted?
Full episode - August 02, 2018
Tommy Guerrero
Are you stuck ruminating about the past?
Full episode - July 26, 2018
Active listening illustration
Do you find yourself looking at your phone when you're supposed to be paying attention to a friend?
Full episode - July 19, 2018
SOH Small Talk
Many of us avoid chatting with strangers – isn't small talk tedious and dull?