Full episode - March 14, 2019
Luke Burbank illustration
Do you have trouble slowing down enough to actually enjoy your life?
Full episode - March 07, 2019
Diana Gameros illustration
How can we feel connected to the world around us?
Full episode - February 28, 2019
Cindy Wilson graphic
Do you fixate on your flaws and shortcomings?
Full episode - February 21, 2019
Tim Ryan illustration
Can you extend compassion toward a difficult person in your life?
Full episode - February 14, 2019
Stephen Leeper
A junior high school teacher spent his life defying stereotypes about how men should express their emotions.
Full episode - February 07, 2019
jobrani illustration
Comedian Maz Jobrani tries to pay more attention to the good things in his life by writing them down -- and encourages his kids to do the same.
Full episode - December 20, 2018
SoH emotions
He started Afghanistan's first post-Taliban rock band when he was 18 years old.
Full episode - December 19, 2018
SoH silvestri
How do you build feelings of trust and security?
Full episode - December 06, 2018
Self compassion
When you’re helping others cope with stress and anxiety, how do you deal with your own?
Full episode - November 29, 2018
SoH kamau
Finding common ground, even with people in your own family.