Full episode - July 04, 2019
After more than a decade together, our Happiness Guinea Pig tries to bring the spark back into her marriage.
Full episode - June 20, 2019
Our Happiness Guinea Pig, the creator of Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears, finds a way to feel close to a loved one he recently lost. Try this week’s happiness practice: Feeling Connected
Full episode - July 05, 2018
Did you know what you wanted when you were in high school? Our teen guinea pig takes on the challenge of figuring out her purpose in life.
Full episode - February 19, 2018
Our happiness guinea pig thought he had it all—but learned he had it all wrong. Discover how he brought more joy and humor into his life.
Full episode - May 30, 2019
He started Afghanistan's first post-Taliban rock band when he was 18 years old. A decade later, our Happiness Guinea Pig takes on another challenge: writing about his emotions.
Full episode - May 16, 2019
How do you respond when you feel threatened or defensive? Our Happiness Guinea Pig, writer Wajahat Ali, discovers a way to keep himself anchored amidst the challenges and chaos of life.
Full episode - August 02, 2018
Are you stuck ruminating about the past?  Legendary skater Tommy Guerrero tries looking at negative events from a different perspective.
Full episode - June 07, 2018
In hard times, do you seek comfort from others or turn inwards? Find out how our Happiness Guinea Pig emerged from trauma by accepting others' support.  We want to share your stories on the show. Call 510-519-4903 and tell us how the practices are going for you! Support for this podcast comes from Sun Basket. We know that every part of our life is enhanced when we eat healthy meals but eating right can be hard to do. Sun Basket makes it easy. Go to SunBasket.com/SOH and get $35 off your first order!
Full episode - June 06, 2019
Her husband has been in prison for 23 years. Our Happiness Guinea Pig tries a new approach to stay strong while working to get him released.
Full episode - May 23, 2019
“I'm sorry you feel that way.” Some apologies can actually make things worse. Our Happiness Guinea Pigs, Jolenta Greenburg and Kristin Meinzer of the By the Book podcast, try a more effective way of saying sorry.