Full episode - November 12, 2020
What does it really take to forgive someone? And why should we do it? Our guest, psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, tries a practice to let go of anger.
Full episode - October 29, 2020
Why do we vote? We explore the science behind what drives us to the polls, and the benefits we reap for ourselves and communities when we cast our ballots.
Full episode - October 22, 2020
It's easy to be anxious and uncertain about the future—especially if you're eight months pregnant. Our guest tries practices to help her deal with whatever life throws her way.
Full episode - October 08, 2020
Feeling hard on yourself? Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp learns to quiet his inner critic and tap into his highest potential.
Full episode - September 24, 2020
Feeling lonely? Former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy learns why focusing on the quality of our relationships, not the quantity, can be an antidote. 
Full episode - September 10, 2020
A tree next to a bus stop, a flower poking through the sidewalk. Our guest, an Iraq War veteran, discovers how awe and wonder can be found anywhere — if you just pay attention.
Full episode - August 27, 2020
Why should you be nice? Our guest explores how small, daily acts of kindness can produce meaningful life changes.
Full episode - August 13, 2020
Do you obsess over negative feedback? Shereen Marisol Meraji, of NPR’s Code Switch, tries a better way to cope.
Full episode - July 30, 2020
A couple try a practice to bring more excitement and passion into their relationship, even while sheltering-in-place.
Full episode - July 16, 2020
We can be at our worst with the people we love best. Our guests try ways to be more calm and present with those closest to them.