Full story - March 29, 2018
Recent released information about Russians hacking into American power systems has raised several concerns about the overall security of the U.S. energy grid as a whole.
A group of hackers from Russia made headlines when it was able to shut down Ukraine's power grid in 2015. The US may be the next target.
Full story - March 23, 2018
A group of panelists address an audience at the State of the Net Conference in January. The panel consists of (from left to right) Jason Kaplan, Hilary Swab Gawrilow, James Cross, Mercina Tillmann-Dick and Justin Herman.
Blockchain has turned from a movement to an overall tech boom — or possibly a revolution. Yet the space containing blockchain pioneers is only made up of five percent women ... for now.
Full story - March 22, 2018
Contrary to classic depictions of a tyrannosaurus rex, paleoartist Gabriel Ugueto says that the massive carnivores likely were covered in small feathers on the top of their bodies.
Think you know what a tyrannosaurus rex looked like? Based on recent fossil findings, you may be surprised.
Full story - March 16, 2018
Grace Hopper sits behind the UNIVAC (universal automatic computer) keyboard in the early '60s. As a mathematician and rear admiral in the US Navy, she helped design the UNIVAC I and many other related systems.
Sure, you have heard of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But what about Grace Hopper and Elizabeth Feinler?
Full story - March 15, 2018
Those who have the neurological condition synesthesia often automatically see colors when they hear music or see numbers or letters.
When you listen to a song, you hear music ... but do you see an accompanying color with it?
Full story - March 15, 2018
The Tiangong-1 space station passes over the moon in this photo taken in September 2013. The station is scheduled to make a crash landing in Europe within the next few weeks.
Scientists know that a Chinese space station will be re-entering the Earth's atmosphere within a couple of weeks. The exact time of that happening, though, is a little fuzzy.