Full story - August 14, 2018
The collapsed Morandi Bridge is seen in the Italian port city of Genoa, Italy Aug. 14, 2018
At least 35 people were killed when a motorway bridge collapsed in torrential rains on Tuesday morning over buildings in the northern Italian port city of Genoa, Italy.
Full story - August 14, 2018
Police officers armed with riffles and bullet-proof vests stand at a cordon after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.
British police said they believe a man deliberately drove a car into pedestrians and cyclists on Tuesday before ramming it into barriers outside London's parliament in what appeared to be the second terrorism attack on the building in just under 18 months.
Full story - August 14, 2018
SenseTime surveillance software identifying details about people and vehicles showing the information layered on top of the screen.
Government procurement documents of surveillance technologies collected by Reuters offer a rare glimpse into the numbers behind China's push to arm security forces with high-tech monitoring tools as the government clamps down on dissent.
Full story - August 13, 2018
people on the street walking in havana
Here are the basics of how the new version would transform Cuba, how open the process really is, and what it means for investors.
Full story - August 13, 2018
An older man looks to a red display board of a currency exchange office in Istanbul, Turkey, August 13, 2018.
Turkey's lira pulled back from a record low of 7.24 to the dollar on Monday after the central bank pledged to provide liquidity and cut reserve requirements for Turkish banks, but its meltdown continued to rattle global markets.
Full story - August 12, 2018
People stand in front of the White House with a sign that says "Drive out Trump-Pence regime"
Nearby counterdemonstrations are expected to outnumber those attending the far right white nationalist rally.
Full story - August 12, 2018
Red gloved hands grab a fish out of a huge pile of silver skinned salmon.
After working for years to attract the Chinese market, Alaska's seafood industry now faces a 25 percent tariff, a response to the Trump administration's levies on Chinese goods.
Full story - August 11, 2018
A crowd of reporters surrounds Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan
The Turkish lira crashed to a record low after the Trump administration doubled tariffs on Turkish metal imports.
Full story - August 11, 2018
A man holds a piece of honeycomb covered in bees. He is wearing a white netted hat.
Yemen is home to some of the world's finest honey, but beekeepers are struggling to move their farms safely and export their product.
Full story - August 10, 2018
Gay McDougall, a member of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, cited estimates that 2 million Uighurs and Muslim minorities were forced into "political camps for indoctrination" in the western Xinjiang autonomous region.