Full story - October 01, 2018
Charles Aznavour, beloved French crooner
French singer Charles Aznavour, who rose to stardom under the wing of Edith Piaf and went on to steal the hearts of millions with decades of haunting love songs, has died at the age of 94.
Full story - September 30, 2018
a woman and her child
The toll from an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia soared on Sunday to 832 confirmed dead, with authorities fearing it will only climb as rescuers struggle to reach outlying communities cut off from communications and help.
Full story - September 29, 2018
Aung San Suu Kyi  on a stage dressed in white
Canadian legislators, in a symbolic move, on Thursday voted unanimously to strip Myanmar's civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary citizenship in response to crimes committed against the Rohingya minority.
Full story - September 29, 2018
a police squadron covered in colorful powder
Tensions remain high in the independence-minded region a year after the October 1 vote deemed illegal by Madrid but celebrated by separatist Catalans.
Full story - September 28, 2018
The tsunami up to six feet high struck beaches as dusk fell in Palu, a sleepy but growing tourist resort, and the nearby fishing town of Donggala, closest to the epicenter of the quake, officials said.
Full story - September 28, 2018
A Republican-led committee approved President Donald Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court on Friday but in a dramatic development Republican Senator Jeff Flake called for an FBI investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against the judge before a final Senate vote.
Full story - September 28, 2018
"What is my sin? Did I steal, even one peso? Did I prosecute somebody whom I jailed," Duterte said. "My only sin is the extrajudicial killing," he said, without elaborating.
Full story - September 27, 2018
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
The hearing, which has riveted Americans and intensified the political polarization in the United States, occurs against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault.
Full story - September 27, 2018
It is the second landmark judgment in the personal sphere in India this month. Three weeks ago, the Supreme Court scrapped a colonial-era ban on gay sex.
Full story - September 27, 2018
Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang is shown at a podium with his arm outstretched.
China demanded the United States "dispel obstacles" to improving military ties and stop slandering it, amid growing tensions over trade, Taiwan, the South China Sea and President Donald Trump's claims of China meddling in the upcoming US election.