Full story - December 09, 2019
A man is shown in shadow in front of large sculpture of the Olympic rings.
Russia was banned from the world's top sporting events for four years on Monday, a period that includes the next summer and winter Olympics and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for tampering with doping-related laboratory data.
Full story - December 06, 2019
Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is shown holding a white piece of paper off to his side with red lettering.
British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn went on the Brexit offensive on Friday, seeking to hit back at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's main campaign message as they both prepared for a final TV showdown ahead of next week's election.
Full story - December 05, 2019
A group of protesters are shown wearing reflective vest and two men are holding bright road flares.
Railway workers, teachers and emergency room medics launched one of the biggest public sector strikes in France for decades on Thursday, determined to force President Emmanuel Macron to abandon plans to overhaul France's generous pension system.
Full story - December 04, 2019
US President Donald Trump is shown in a close up photograph with a blue tie and holding an umbrella.
US President Donald Trump solicited foreign interference to boost his re-election chances, undermined national security and ordered an "unprecedented" campaign to obstruct Congress, the House Intelligence Committee said Tuesday in a report that lawmakers will use as the basis of any formal impeachment charges.
Full story - December 03, 2019
 US President Donald Trump is shown looking to his right and sitting in front of the US and NATO flags.
US President Donald Trump lashed out at European allies before a NATO anniversary summit in London Tuesday, singling out France's Emmanuel Macron for "very nasty" comments on the alliance and Germany for spending too little on defense.
Full story - December 02, 2019
President Donald Trump is shown with both arms outstretched and holding several white papers while speaking to reporters.
The White House told Democratic lawmakers on Sunday that US President Donald Trump and his lawyers would not participate in a congressional impeachment hearing this week, citing a lack of "fundamental fairness."
Full story - November 26, 2019
Dozens of birds are shown flying next to large electricity pylons on a smoggy afternoon.
Global temperatures could rise sharply this century with "wide-ranging and destructive" consequences after greenhouse gas emissions hit record levels last year, international climate experts warned on Tuesday.
Full story - November 25, 2019
A man wearing a blue suit is shown from behind looking out on a long table with people on either side counting paper ballots.
Hong Kong's leader pledged to listen to public opinion on Monday and referred to deep-seated problems in society after a landslide election victory by opponents of Chinese rule amid months of sometimes violent pro-democracy unrest.
Full story - November 21, 2019
A man and a woman raise their right hands in front of an audience.
In his opening statement, David Holmes said his work at the embassy started to become overshadowed in March 2019 by the work of Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who was pushing Ukraine to carry out the two probes.
Full story - November 20, 2019
US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland takes his seat to testify before a House Intelligence Committee hearing as part of the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C, November 20, 2019.
A US diplomat who is a key witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he worked with Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine issues on "the President's orders."