Full story - January 25, 2019
Donald Trump stands at a podium with two flags behind him
Trump announced a deal with lawmakers that will reopen the government for three weeks. The deal did not include any money for a border wall.
Full story - January 25, 2019
Political operative Roger Stone is shown in a profile portrait in high contrast.
Roger Stone, a long-time ally of US President Donald Trump who advised his 2016 presidential campaign, was arrested on Friday and charged with seven counts, according to a grand jury indictment made public by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office.
Full story - January 24, 2019
Juan Guaidó  holds a copy of Venezuelan constitution and shouts, in front of the Venezuelan flag
Congress chief Juan Guaidó won diplomatic backing from the United States, Canada and right-leaning Latin American governments on Wednesday after declaring himself leader before ebullient supporters who thronged the streets of Caracas in hopes of change.
Full story - January 24, 2019
A person is shown in shadow, backlight by a bright sun walking by the US Capitol.
US President Donald Trump said in a late night Tweet on Wednesday that he would delay a State of the Union address until the government shutdown was over.
Full story - January 23, 2019
Hundreds of protests stand behind a massive Venezuelan flag
Thursday was a chaotic, dramatic day in Venezuela. Tens of thousands clogged the streets of Caracas in protest against Maduro while Trump recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó.
Full story - January 23, 2019
A man with short brown hair sits in front of a colorful geometric mural
Iranians are risking their lives to cross the English Channel in inflatable boats, pushed by the worsening economic and political situation in Iran. Many are from Iran's middle class, but international sanctions on the country have stymied their hopes for the future. "Because of sanctions, people are at a dead end."
Full story - January 23, 2019
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May shown leaving Downing Street wearing a blue jacket and scarf while carrying a red binder.
An attempt by British lawmakers to prevent a no-deal Brexit was gaining momentum on Wednesday after the opposition Labour Party said it was highly likely to throw its parliamentary weight behind the bid.
Full story - January 22, 2019
Demonstrators are shown standing behind a burning barricade comprised of a flaming car.
Venezuela's government said on Monday it had suppressed a military revolt after a group of officers stole weapons and kidnapped several officials.
Full story - January 21, 2019
A transgender Indian woman in an orange sari with wet hair in front of a crowd
Transgender reality star Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is helping revive India's "third gender." Her religious movement has made strides in the Kumbh Mela, a huge religious festival on the banks of the Ganges river, but Tripathi has also been accused of fuelling "the right-wing politics of communal hatred."
Full story - January 21, 2019
People dig in a trench while dozens are lined up next to it, watching
At least 89 people died on Friday when a cracked fuel pipeline ignited and exploded. The explosion comes as Mexico has shut down six pipelines to fight fuel theft, which has caused shortages that some say added to Friday's death toll.