Full story - August 15, 2019
An illustration of a protoplanet crashing into Jupiter
Scientists say Jupiter may have been hit head-on by protoplanet not long after being formed — a violent collision with apparent lasting effects on the planet's core
Full story - August 06, 2019
Writer Toni Morrison and Barack Obama smile at each other
Morrison's most famous worked include "Beloved," written in 1987, which tells the story of an enslaved African American woman.
Full story - August 05, 2019
Mothers wearing red T-shirts march on the White House
US President Donald Trump urged lawmakers to pass legislation requiring stricter screenings for gun buyers and possibly tie it to immigration.
Full story - July 31, 2019
a man holds up his right hand in front of a wall of fingerpaint-hands
Under Friday's accord, Guatemala becomes a so-called "safe third country," turning it into a buffer zone for migrants trying to reach the United States, and potentially lifting applications for asylum in Guatemala from a few hundred a year to tens of thousands. Guatemala, however, isn't necessarily "safe."
Full story - July 26, 2019
north korean leader Kim Jung-un peers through binoculars
North Korea's growing frustration with its neighbor culminated in the missile tests as a protest against the South's acquisition of new weapons, such as US F-35 stealth fighters, and its participation in military drills with the United States.
Full story - July 24, 2019
taiwanese and US flags together
The United States is the main arms supplier to Taiwan, which China deems a wayward province. Beijing has never renounced the use of force to bring the island under its control.
Full story - July 23, 2019
Boris Johnson is shown walking through a brick doorway wearing a blue suit.
Boris Johnson, the Brexiteer who has promised to lead Britain out of the European Union with or without a deal by the end of October, will replace Theresa May as prime minister after winning the leadership of the Conservative Party on Tuesday.
Full story - July 18, 2019
a boy looks at a projection of Mars
The last manned mission to the moon was almost a half-century ago in 1972, when Cold War-era tensions underscored President John F. Kennedy’s push to prove technologies that landed the first humans on the lunar surface.
Full story - July 17, 2019
Singer Johnny Clegg performs on stage.
South African musician and activist Johnny Clegg died Tuesday at age 66. His music was widely known and lauded, as was his activism against the apartheid regime in South Africa, which ended in 1994.
Full story - July 16, 2019
The Apollo 11 Lunar Module is shown in the nearground with the moon's surface below it and Earth shown in the distance.
Fifty years ago, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module and took their first steps on the Moon. Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched history taking place. You've probably seen the famous pictures, but here are some lesser-known facts about the historic mission.