Full story - September 06, 2019
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe, the bush war guerrilla who led Zimbabwe to independence and crushed his foes during nearly four decades of rule as his country descended into poverty, hyperinflation and unrest, died on Friday. He was 95.
Full story - September 05, 2019
A palm tree among wreckage
One of the most powerful Caribbean storms on record, Hurricane Dorian leaves 70,000 people in the Bahamas in need of immediate humanitarian relief.
Full story - September 04, 2019
An aerial view of damaged homes, trees and extra debris surrounded by water in the Bahamas.
Rescuers are searching for survivors in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian pulverized homes and beached boats. US residents are now bracing for Dorian, which could make landfall in South or North Carolina later this week.
Full story - September 03, 2019
A row of houses are shown from across a flooded street with water up to the front porch of one of the houses.
Slow-moving Hurricane Dorian pounded Grand Bahama Island on Tuesday and was forecast to come "dangerously close" to Florida's coast by day's end before drenching the US East Coast for the next several days.
Full story - September 02, 2019
A demonstrator uses a makeshift shield to take cover during a protest in Hong Kong
The boycott followed a weekend marred by some of the worst violence since unrest escalated more than three months ago, with protesters burning barricades and throwing petrol bombs, and police retaliating with water cannon, tear gas and batons.
Full story - August 28, 2019
A man with a mask uses a shovel to move flowers on the ground
In his boldest move yet to deliver Brexit with or without a divorce deal, Boris Johnson set Oct 14 for the Queen's Speech. The queen agreed to the date, effectively shutting parliament for around a month starting mid-September.
Full story - August 26, 2019
A young child is shown looking to his right and wearing a blue and white Mickey Mouse shirt.
Thousands of Central American migrants seeking to settle in the US have accepted free transportation to their home from a US State Department funded program.
Full story - August 23, 2019
People stand holding hands and signs reading 'together we stand' in front of a nighttime cityscape
Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong took to the streets in peaceful protest Friday, finding inspiration in the Baltic Way demonstration in the Soviet Union 30 years ago.
Full story - August 22, 2019
An older man is shown looking off and wearing a traditional wrap along with several bracelets and a watch.
Aug. 25 marks 400 years since the first recorded enslaved Africans arrived in North America to work plantations in English colonies. In the centuries after, European slave traders shipped millions of African men, women and children across the Atlantic Ocean. This photo essay retraces some of the final steps Ghanaians would have taken in their homeland.
Full story - August 19, 2019
A group of people dance in a dark room.
Two years after Iraq declared victory of the Islamic State, Baghdad has slowly began to change its image. A first of its kind dance party was held in the capital city, breathing new life in a city that has become known for violence since the 2003 US-led invasion.