Full story - April 28, 2020
Hundreds of inmates are shown wearing only underware and sitting crammed together in rows.
Right groups condemned El Salvador's president on Monday for releasing startling photos of hundreds of jailed gang members stripped to underwear and pressed together in formation, part of a punishment for an outbreak of violence.
Full story - April 27, 2020
A woman, wearing a protective face mask and a jean jacket is shown walking past Notre-Dame Cathedral in the background in soft focus.
Countries from Italy to New Zealand have announced the easing of coronavirus lockdowns but Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, back at work on Monday after being hospitalized with the disease, said it was too early to relax restrictions there.
Full story - April 24, 2020
A man is shown bending over in the back of a delivery truck lifting a burlap bag.
Millions of people in countries across Africa are at risk of not getting the food they need due to coronavirus disruptions with domestic crops and capacity going to waste and imports drying up.
Full story - April 22, 2020
A large portrait photograph is show of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad with several Syrian flags flying behind it.
The first trial of suspected members of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's security services for crimes against humanity, including torture and sexual assault, starts in Germany on Thursday.
Full story - April 21, 2020
A close-up photograph of President Donald Trump shown from the side with his arm covering most of his face.
US President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus took an even sharper political turn on Tuesday after he seized upon the crisis in a controversial move to suspend immigration.
Full story - April 17, 2020
A man wearing a face mask is shown looking out and reflected in a circle bike mirror with the rest of the frame in soft focus.
Nearly 1,300 people who died of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, or half the total, were not counted in death tolls because of lapses, state media said on Friday, but Beijing dismissed claims that there had been any kind of cover-up.
Full story - April 16, 2020
US President Donald Trump is shown standing at a podium with the US Presidency emblem on it with both of his arms outstretched.
US President Donald Trump on Thursday plans to announce new guidelines to reopen the economy after a monthlong shutdown over the coronavirus outbreak, despite concerns from health experts, governors and business leaders about a resurgence in cases without more testing and protocols in place.
Full story - April 14, 2020
French President Emmanuel Macron is seen on a TV screen in soft focus with a person in shadow in the nearground.
French President Emmanuel Macron announced he is extending a virtual lockdown to curb the coronavirus outbreak until May 11, adding that progress had been made but the battle not yet won.
Full story - April 10, 2020
A church sanctuary is shown with empty rows of pews and the photos of people's faces taped to the back rest.
With many churches closed or affected by coronavirus lockdown restrictions for the Easter season, Christians of various denominations around the world have come up with novel ways to keep the faith.
Full story - April 08, 2020
A line of police officers are shown standing in a roadway wearing protective face masks and reflective vests with toll booths in the background.
The central Chinese city of Wuhan began allowing people to leave on Wednesday for the first time since it was locked down 76 days ago to contain the novel coronavirus, despite fears of a second wave of infection if such restrictions are eased too soon.