Full story - June 07, 2019
A manis shown with a briefcase walking past a billboard showing members of the French Women's World Cup soccer team hugging.
The Women's World Cup kicks off on Friday as hosts France take on South Korea. But if you were strolling the streets of Paris, you would be forgiven for not knowing it was happening.
Full story - June 06, 2019
A man stands on platform holding a Sudanese flag.
The African Union on Thursday suspended Sudan until there was civilian rule, intensifying global pressure on its new military leaders to stand down after the worst violence since Omar al-Bashir's fall in April.
Full story - June 06, 2019
rare earth metals
The US-China trade conflict escalates as China threatens to curb exports of rare earths to the United States. In response, the US Department of Defense has held talks with Malawi's Mkango Resources Ltd and other rare earth miners across the globe about their supplies of strategic minerals.
Full story - June 05, 2019
US President Donald Trump is shown in a close up photo with a blue and yellow background.
Defying increasing criticism from within his own party, US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would likely go ahead with new tariffs on imports from Mexico.
Full story - June 04, 2019
Sudanese protesters gesture near burning tires used to erect a barricade on a street, demanding that the country's Transitional Military Council handover power to civilians.
The partially free vote on June 4, 1989, handed victory to a government led by the Solidarity trade union and triggered a series of events culminating in the fall of the Berlin Wall that November.
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Several protesters are shown walking past a tire blazing on fire with black smoke.
Sudan's opposition on Tuesday rejected a plan by its military rulers to hold elections within nine months, a day after the worst bout of violence since Omar al-Bashir was ousted as president in April.
Full story - June 03, 2019
Donald Trump is shown standing among more than a dozen of the Royal honor guard dressed in traditional red uniforms and tall black hats.
Britain rolled out the royal red carpet for Donald Trump on Monday but the pomp, pageantry and banquet with Queen Elizabeth looked set to be overshadowed by the US President's views on Brexit, the UK's next leader and a row over China's Huawei.
Full story - May 30, 2019
jared kushner and company
Jared Kushner and US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to the region to drum up support for an economic conference in Bahrain next month.
Full story - May 30, 2019
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shown sitting with his hands folded and an Israeli flag behind him.
Israeli lawmakers voted to dissolve parliament on Thursday, paving the way for a new election after veteran Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government before a midnight deadline.
Full story - May 29, 2019
Boris Johnson is shown walking with his hands in his pockets and a gaggle of photographers around him.
Boris Johnson, the favorite to replace Theresa May as British prime minister, must appear in court over allegations he lied about Brexit.