Full story - August 12, 2020
A man is shown kneeling on the ground in front of several security officers dressed in camoflage and carrying weapons.
Intensifying a crackdown following a controversial election, Belarus' interior ministry said on Wednesday that police had fired live rounds at protesters in the city of Brest and arrested more than 1,000 people nationwide.
Full story - June 26, 2020
A cyclist is shown rides up a nearly empty three lanes of 7th Avenue with the Freedom Tower in the distance.
Coronavirus lockdowns led to huge reductions in traffic and fewer car crashes this spring, but as drivers sped up on quieter roads, the collisions became deadlier in several cities, a Reuters analysis shows.
Full story - June 25, 2020
US President Donald Trump and Poland's President Andrzej Duda are shown standing at podiums across from each other with the White House in the background.
Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday became the first foreign leader to visit US President Donald Trump since the coronavirus pandemic led to global lockdowns, and the two leaders said they looked forward to signing a defense cooperation agreement.
Full story - June 24, 2020
Several cafe tables are shown in St. Mark's Square with the St. Mark's Basilica in the distance.
The European Union hopes to reopen borders for outsiders starting in July, but will review individual nations' COVID-19 situation, according to diplomats and a document laying out criteria that could keep Americans, Russians and Brazilians out.
Full story - June 23, 2020
Donald Trump is show with his hands on either side of a podium while wearing a dark suit and red tie.
US President Donald Trump suspended the entry into the United States of certain foreign workers on Monday, a move the White House said would help the coronavirus-battered economy, but which business groups strongly oppose.
Full story - June 22, 2020
A group of officials from the US is shown on the street entering a stone building.
The US envoy to nuclear arms control talks with Russia taunted China on Monday for its absence, earning a rebuke from Beijing for posting a picture of empty seats with Chinese flags at negotiations China had never planned to attend.
Full story - June 19, 2020
A side view of the Lincoln Memorial shows a woman standing near the large pillars and a rainbow in the distance.
With most formal Juneteenth events canceled due to coronavirus concerns, street marches and "car caravans" were planned on Friday across the United States to demand racial justice on the day commemorating the end of slavery a century and a half ago.
Full story - June 18, 2020
Former US national security advisor John Bolton is shown wearing a stripped suit and red tie and adjusting his glasses.
In a withering behind-the-scenes portrayal, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton accused him of sweeping misdeeds that included explicitly seeking Chinese President Xi Jinping's help to win re-election.
Full story - June 17, 2020
A line of military green army trucks are shown driving on a two-lane road with several red-roof buildings in the distance.
India and China said they wanted peace but blamed each other on Wednesday after soldiers of the two sides savagely fought each other with nail-studded clubs and stones on their Himalayan border, killing at least 20 Indian troops.
Full story - June 16, 2020
Two soldiers dressed in military fatigues and carrying weapons are shown decending a staircase from a guard tower.
North Korea blew up an office set up to foster better ties with South Korea on Tuesday in a "terrific explosion" after it threatened to take action if North Korean defectors went ahead with a campaign to send propaganda leaflets into the North.