Full story - January 18, 2019
A crowd of people stand outside a closed supermarket
Hundreds of people have been arrested in Zimbabwe after several days of protest. Officials are gradually lifting an internet ban.
Full story - January 18, 2019
North Korean officials are shown walking from a white van with luggage at the international airport in Beijing, China.
North Korea's lead negotiator in nuclear diplomacy with the United States is expected to hold talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and could also meet President Donald Trump on Friday during a visit aimed at clearing the way for a second US-North Korea summit.
Full story - January 17, 2019
President Donald Trump stands and speaks at a podium
President Donald Trump unveiled a revamped US missile defense strategy on Thursday that called North Korea an ongoing and "extraordinary threat," seven months after he declared the threat posed by Pyongyang had been eliminated.
Full story - January 17, 2019
President Donald Trump speaks is shown sitting with an American flag hanging behind him while wearing a dark suit and red tie.
US President Donald Trump is due to unveil a revamped US missile defense strategy on Thursday that looks at ways to boost America's security, including by possibly deploying a new layer of space-based sensors to detect and track enemy missiles.
Full story - January 16, 2019
British Prime Minister Theresa May are seen sitting across from Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament.
Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday will try to forge consensus in parliament on a Brexit divorce agreement after the crushing defeat of her own deal left Britain's exit from the European Union in disarray 10 weeks before it is due to leave.
Full story - January 15, 2019
Prime Minister Theresa May sits down in Parliament with a grimace on her face
British lawmakers defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit divorce deal by a crushing margin on Tuesday, triggering political upheaval that could lead to a disorderly exit from the EU or even to a reversal of the 2016 decision to leave.
Full story - January 15, 2019
Car ablaze near hotel rocked by terrorist attack.
Gunmen blasted their way into a hotel and office complex in the Kenyan capital on Tuesday, sending workers fleeing for their lives. Kenya has often been targeted by al-Shabaab, who killed dozens of people in a shopping center in 2013 and nearly 150 students at a university in 2015.
Full story - January 15, 2019
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is shown wearing a grey scarf and blue overcoat with a binder in her left hand.
Prime Minister Theresa May faced the prospect of defeat in a historic vote on her Brexit deal in parliament on Tuesday, potentially leaving Britain in limbo about the biggest political and economic change for the country in decades.
Full story - January 14, 2019
a dreary concrete building
The ruling, and Prime Minister Justin Trudea's reaction, could aggravate already sour relations between Beijing and Ottawa following the arrest of a senior Chinese executive in Canada and China's subsequent detention of two Canadians.
Full story - January 14, 2019
Garment workers block a road as they protest for higher wages.
After thousands of garment workers in Bangladesh staged week-long protests, garment factory owners agreed to raise workers' pay to 95 USD per month, but protesters say it's not enough while owners point to global brands to share the costs.