Neutron Star from NASA
The universe would be filled with nothing but hydrogen if not for the death of stars. Check out this video from PRI's The Really Big Questions.
Full story - April 04, 2014
Welsh conductor Grant Llewellyn conducts an orchestra in 2007.
When was the last time that music moved you, not just emotionally, but physically? Researcher Psyche Loui says music can give you a "skin orgasm." And there may be an evolutionary reason why we get that chill down our spine.
Full story - February 12, 2014
Rational Valentine - Settle
Esquire's AJ Jacobs has written some Valentine cards that emphasize the practical side of love for our partner The Really Big Questions. PRI fans have contributed others. Feel free to download or suggest your rational valentines.
A romantic kiss
Some say science is taking the romance out of romantic love through brain research. Maybe so, but Esquire writer A.J. Jacobs says perhaps that's what we need to find happiness. He's all for rational romance, and offers some "rational" Valentines you can send to that special someone.