Full episode - October 07, 2014
Rodrigo Reyes
Daniel Alarcón talks to filmmaker Rodrigo Reyes, the director and producer behind the documentary 'Purgatorio: A Journey Into the Heart of the Border.'
Full story - October 07, 2014
A scene from Purgatorio
The reality of the US-Mexico border is complex, but not always so different depending on which side you're on. A new documentary explores the similarities and differences between two world separated by miles and miles of border fence.
Full story - September 25, 2014
Havana's not the first place you might think of when you think of death metal bands — but the island city has had a thriving community of death metal singers for decades. Meet some of the bands making noise in Cuba's capital city.
Full episode - September 25, 2014
Luis Trelles
Playing in a death metal band probably wasn't a big deal in most Latin American cities in the 1980s and 90s. But in Havana, it was a different story. Daniel Alarcón talks to Radio Ambulante producer Luis Trelles, who traveled to Cuba to produce a story about the heavy metal scene in the island.
Full episode - September 11, 2014
Francisco Goldman
Daniel Alarcón talks to Francisco Goldman, a friend and fellow journalist and writer, about "The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle." In his latest book, Goldman takes readers on a journey through Mexico City, where his wife — the young Mexican writer Aura Estrada — passed away after a violent swimming accident.
Full story - August 28, 2014
Juan Luis Garcia, a photographer and graphic designer, shows off the camera piñata he used to shoot promotional posters for the 20th San Diego Latino Film Festival in 2013.
As Latinos become a bigger and bigger part of American society, Latino artists are finally starting to gain prominence in the American art world. These three artists are ones to watch for.
Full episode - August 28, 2014
Carolina Miranda
Daniel Alarcón talks to journalist and art critic Carolina Miranda, author of the Los Angeles Times blog ‘Culture: High & Low’. We wanted to tap into her vast experience covering art and culture to learn more about the Latin American and Latino art scene in the United States.
Full episode - August 14, 2014
Urayoan Noel
Daniel Alarcón speaks with Urayoán Noel, a Puerto Rican poet and performer who has used voice-recognition software to reshape one of the most canonical poetic voices in the Spanish language.
Full episode - July 31, 2014
Daniel Alarcón talks to investigative journalist Oscar Martinez about his experience riding the "The Beast", the infamous train that takes migrants through Mexico on their way to the United States.
Full episode - July 17, 2014
How hard is it for Latinos to get inside the writer's room of a television hit show like HBO's Girls? Just how hard is it to get Hollywood to step beyond the usual Latino stereotypes? We were curious, so Daniel Alarcón talked to someone who would know: playwright Tanya Saracho.