Full episode - March 12, 2015
Aleszu Bajak
Daniel Alarcón sits down with journalist Aleszu Bajak, the founder and editor of Latin American Science, a website where you can find regional science news in Spanish and in English.
Full episode - February 20, 2015
Dennis Maxwell
Silvia Viñas, sitting in for Daniel Alarcón, talks to producer Dennis Maxwell about his latest story for Radio Ambulante, where he chronicles the arrest of his brother Laurence during a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa.
Full episode - February 05, 2015
Manuela Ochoa
Daniel Alarcón talks to art historian and curator Manuela Ochoa, the co-founder of a unique and innovative online project called Oropéndola. The goal of Oropéndola is to recast Colombia's armed conflict, and see it fresh through the eyes of its artists.
Full episode - January 15, 2015
Nadja Drost
Daniel Alarcón talks to journalist Nadja Drost about her investigation of a deadly conflict between armed groups seeking to control a gold mine in a lawless Colombian town.
Full episode - December 18, 2014
Maria Venegas
Daniel Alarcón talks to Maria Venegas, the author of ‘Bulletproof Vest: The Ballad of an Outlaw and His Daughter’, a memoir about her tumultuous and complicated relationship with her dad.
Full episode - December 04, 2014
Sergio de la Pava
Daniel Alarcón sat down with author and public defender Sergio de la Pava to discuss the novel 'A Naked Singularity'. De la Pava's novel tells the story of a young public defender who finds himself, quite unexpectedly, involved in the perfect crime.
Full episode - November 20, 2014
In and Out of Shadows
Daniel Alarcón talks to producer Emily Klion, actor Homero Rosas and writer Gary Soto about ‘In and out of Shadows’, a new musical about the lives and experiences of a group of undocumented teens.
Full story - November 07, 2014
Ceci Bastida
Ceci Bastida has made music in Mexico and the US, and her latest work is something of a heads-up to both. It focuses on the violence — gun violence, mass shootings — that are too common in both countries. But not all of her songs are quite that dark.
Full episode - November 06, 2014
Ceci Bastida
Daniel Alarcón sat down with singer and songwriter Ceci Bastida to talk about her new album, ‘La edad de la violencia’ -The age of violence.
Full episode - October 23, 2014
Rita Indiana
[This podcast contains explicit language]. Author and musician Rita Indiana sat down with Daniel Alarcón to talk about her work and about her decision to give up music to concentrate on her writing.