US shutdown ends, the Roger Stone indictment, TPS for Venezuelans

January 25, 2019

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People waiting in an airport are silhouetted against big windows. Outside, planes are waiting next to gates.

Travelers wait at LaGuardia Airport in New York City after hundreds of flights were grounded or delayed at New York-area airports as more air traffic controllers called in sick on Friday, in one of the most tangible signs yet of disruption from a 35-day partial shutdown of the US government. Later in the day, US President Donald Trump announced a deal that would reopen the government for three weeks. 


Mike Segar/Reuters

The latest on US President Donald Trump's announcement on the government shutdown and the arrest of Roger Stone, a longtime ally of Trump's. Also, a Florida congressman wants to grant temporary protective status to Venezuelans. Plus, the Saudi government wants to improve its image as a fun destination for tourists.

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