The US plans to pull troops out of Afghanistan, replacing Mattis, poems about global warming

December 21, 2018

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Host Marco Werman looks on as children from a fourth grade class in East Boston discuss a poem written on a white board.

Host Marco Werman looks on as John Roger's fourth grade class from Curtis Guild Elementary in East Boston, Massachusetts, discuss a poem written on a white board. The class wrote poems about global warming after hearing stories on The World.


Steven Davy/The World

Afghanistan is reacting to the news that the US plans to remove about 7,000 troops from the country. And, Santa Claus doesn’t live in the North Pole: He lives in Finland. In Roviniemi, to be exact. Plus, host Marco Werman visits a fourth grade classroom in East Boston, where students have been writing poems inspired by global news they heard on this very program.

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