Sympathy pizza as the shutdown persists, a Green New Deal, the Presidential Records Act

January 14, 2019

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Snow from Winter Storm Gia falls over the White House

Snow from Winter Storm Gia falls over the White House as the partial government shutdown becomes the longest in US history in Washington, US, Jan. 13, 2019.


Carlos Barria/Reuters

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's talks with Saudi leaders. Also, the "Green New Deal." A proposal to fight climate change and, in the process, create new jobs. Plus, Canadian air traffic controllers send sympathy pizza to US colleagues struggling through the government shutdown.

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No, the president can't destroy records. Here's why.

In 1978, Congress created the Presidential Records Act, which makes the records of a president public, not private. Here's what that means amid some of the latest revelations that US President Donald Trump has withheld records of his conversations with Vladimir Putin.