Separated at the border, Canada's Trump moment, Yemeni city prepares for invasion

June 06, 2018

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Maria, who turned 7 in April, arrived in the US from Guatemala with her mother in August 2017. They were separated at the southern border as a part of a pilot program to prosecute and criminally charge every adult who arrives between checkpoints. That program has since become standard policy for immigration agencies.


Barbara P. Fernandez/PRI

The Trump-Kim summit is still on schedule to take place next week. Of course, it's been huge news here in the US. But how is the state-controlled news media covering the story inside North Korea? Plus, a mother and daughter are separated by authorities at the US border. Now, the child is in Florida and her mom has been deported. Also, a Swedish journalist has done some new work about a subject still considered a source of shame in so many places around the globe: menstruation.

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