Racing to understand Thwaites Glacier

May 13, 2019

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Layers of snow are shown along the edge of Thwaites Glacier

The front face of Thwaites Glacier rises an estimated 60 feet to 75 feet above water in the areas where it is most intact. Roughly 90% of an ice shelf typically sits below the water line.


Carolyn Beeler/The World

Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica has the potential to unleash radical changes in global sea levels. Reporter Carolyn Beeler shares the first of a series on the science and people of the Nathaniel B. Palmer’s 2019 voyage to Thwaites. Plus, what the trade war looks like from China's perspective, and what additional levers China can pull if the situation continues to escalate. And, the death of Silver King — the Mexican pro wrestler and star of the Hollywood comedy "Nacho Libre" died during a wrestling match in London on Sunday.

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