Protesters vs police in Hong Kong

June 12, 2019

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A police officer is shown with a helmet and clear face mask down, striking a person with an umbrella with his batton.

Protesters clash with riot police during a demonstration near the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, China, June 12, 2019.


Thomas Peter/Reuters

The standoff between protesters and police in Hong Kong escalated on Wednesday after demonstrators surrounded the Legislative Council building and forced the city government to delay a key vote. Also, the booming business of home-delivered meal kits is a $6 billion industry worldwide. Some of those kits arrive swathed in plastic, but the pre-portioned ingredients also cut down on food waste. So, are meal kits worse for the planet than grocery shopping? Or better? And, on a remote Panamanian island, capuchin monkeys have learned to use stone tools, a rare behavior for non-human animals.

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