PRI's The World: 04/11/2016

April 11, 2016

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Today we hear about new research on the diversity of life on Earth. It turns out that on the so-called "Tree of Life," humans occupy a branch that scientists say keeps getting smaller and smaller. It's a world of one-cell organisms and we're just living in it. Also, are revelations that British Prime Minister David Cameron is mentioned in the Panama Papers enough to bring down his government? Plus, it's "maps full of monsters" Monday.

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Hiroshima survivors want more than a US apology

There’s something else that survivors of the A-bomb want: They want the world to agree to no more Hiroshimas. If the visit by John Kerry — and perhaps a future visit by Barack Obama — can help secure that, that would be more meaningful than a formal apology.


Canada wants to revive diplomatic ties with Iran


In contrast to its US allies, the Canadians want to normalize relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Conservative-led government in Ottawa abruptly cut off ties with Iran in 2012. Now, the new Liberal government says it’s time to turn the page.