PRI's The World: 02/25/2016

February 25, 2016

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Where does ISIS get its explosives? Investigators at a British think tank called Conflict Armament Research have just published a report that traces how ISIS gets the material to make its bombs. It turns out many of the components are made legally, and for civilian purposes — by small companies in some 20 different countries. Plus, we hear a preview of tomorrow's parliamentary elections in Iran, and we'll follow that with another of Marco's Tehran Stories. During his recent visit, he met an Iranian-born, Brooklyn-raised food blogger. She now calls Tehran home, and writes a blog about Persian food called "Fig and Quince." We also have more coverage from our Across Women's Lives team in Brazil. Today we bring you a profile of a woman who's been protesting a huge hydropower dam near her house for nearly 30 years, and she's hoping to inspire a new generation of activists.

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