Policy shift in Syria puts spotlight on Kurds

October 08, 2019

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A woman wearing military fatigues is shown sitting in a cemetary with several flags flying.

Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces visit the graves of their late comrades at a cemetery in Kobani, Syria, 2017.


Erik De Castro/Reuters

Donald Trump's decision to remove US troops from Syria leaves the Kurdish forces there vulnerable. We take a look at the Kurds, who are guarding large detention centers for ISIS fighters and their families. Plus, anti-Brexit members of the European Parliament are hosting a 60-piece band to deliver a musical plea for the UK to stick with Brussels. And in China, electric buses are everywhere — and there are very few in the US. The technology to switch to all-electric bus fleets exists, but the problem is range and charging. How do you keep electric buses running on time?

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Who are the Kurds?

Following US President Donald Trump's announcement that the US will pull out of northeast Syria, the Kurds, an ethnic group split across four countries, could face an attack by Turkey. They've been fighting for autonomy for a century.