From mourning to action in El Paso

August 06, 2019

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A young girl is shown in a checkered dress with long dark hair and sunglasses, standing in front of a memorial.

A young girl looks at a growing memorial three days after a mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, Aug 6, 2019.


Callaghan O'Hare/Reuters

As more details of the victims of Saturday's mass shooting in El Paso come out, host Marco Werman speaks with Fernando Garcia, founder and executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights about how families, including his, are reeling from the incident, but also asking bigger questions about the roots of such a tragedy and its connections to white supremacy. We meet a family that fled threats from violent cartels in Mexico and began the process of applying for US asylum. After a two-month wait in Mexico, they're now on their way to Washington state. And, in Turkey, many Syrian refugees are now afraid to leave their homes. The Turkish government has started deporting Syrians back to Syria and it's become increasingly difficult for Syrians to obtain legal status. Plus, Thailand says it's keen to churn out "world-class cannabis" for medical use.

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