Measuring snowfall in Antarctica, under house arrest in Venezuela, making economic abuse a form of domestic violence in the UK

January 29, 2019

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a man in a red coat stands on top of a large research instrument

Researcher Scott Landolt services an instrument designed to measure snowfall in Antarctica.


Caitlin Saks/The World 

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Stories in this Edition

An unexpected challenge on Antarctica: Measuring snowfall

The amount of snowfall is an important parameter used in modeling how the Antarctic continent’s mass of ice will change in the coming decades. As the planet warms, the margins of the continent are melting three times faster than just one decade ago.

Trump and Kim will meet again, but why in Vietnam?

The White House says Trump-Kim summit 2.0 is being planned for late February. No official venue has been announced yet. But Vietnam, a communist state that fought America and won, is a choice that both North Korea and the US could agree on.