ISIS violence in Afghanistan

August 19, 2019

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A young man is show walking off to the left through the debris room filled with white-covered chaies and a ceiling falling down.

Workers of a wedding hall inspect after a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan August 18, 2019. ISIS claimed responsibility on Sunday for a suicide blast at a wedding reception that killed 63 people.


Mohammad Ismail/Reuters

A wedding was the scene of political violence in Afghanistan on Sunday. ISIS targeted a minority group, the Hazara, who have been trying to get their voices heard in the ongoing talks to end the 18-year-old war. And, we begin a four-part series on the origins of African slavery in America. Historians say that Sunday marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in what would become the US. Also, we hear a requiem for a glacier in Iceland.

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