How aid groups are adapting to deal with increased extreme weather

March 20, 2019

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A man looks at a washed away bridge, surrounded by muddy water, along Umvumvu river

A man looks at a washed away bridge along Umvumvu river following Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe March 18, 2019.


Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

The US Midwest, as well as in parts of southern Africa, have both recently seen entire communities cut off by flood waters, washed out roads, aid that has to be flown in. We'll have the latest from Mozambique and eastern Zimbabwe. Also, an American doctor says the many challenges facing Haiti as a nation are reflected in the health of his Haitian patients. And he links it to the long history of foreign intervention in Haiti. Plus, Filipinos are among the biggest users of the so-called H-2B visa, which allows American businesses to hire seasonal workers. But this summer, the Trump administration won’t be issuing the visas to Filipinos.

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