Helping fire evacuees in California, rebuilding Raqqa after ISIS, the changing sounds of nature

November 16, 2018

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A handwritten sign says, "Short term help for evacuees. Please take what will help you through the next couple days. Be mindful of other evacuees!"

A sign hangs at a makeshift evacuation center for people displaced by the Camp Fire in Chico, California, on Nov. 15, 2018.  


Terray Sylvester/Reuters

The owner of a taquería in Chico, California, says his heart told him to help people forced to flee their homes by deadly wildfires. So, he drove his taco truck over to an evacuation center and handed out hundreds of free meals. Also, how the latest American sanctions on Iran are impacting US-based businesses. Plus, a Colombian locksmith known for his love letters.

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