Fewer Salvadorans are being apprehended at the border, Mexico-US collaboration, what does it take to be a spy?

January 09, 2019

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a portion of the US Mexico border. a whole in the wall allows you to see the other side

US Customs and Border Protection replace a 2.25-mile section of US-Mexico border with new wall construction near Calexico, California, as seen from Mexicali, Mexico.


Jorge Duenes/Reuters

So, who's in charge now of the Justice Department's Russia investigation? The official who had been overseeing the probe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is reportedly planning to resign. Also, former Mexican ambassador to the US, Arturo Sarukhan, gives us his take on President Donald Trump's demand for a border wall and previews Trump's trip to the border tomorrow. Plus, a Japanese magazine ranked the country's universities based on the alleged willingness of female students to engage in sex while at drinking parties. Kazuna Yamamoto started an online petition that led the magazine to apologize and retract the article.

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