Diplomacy in the White House, Puerto Rican students a year after Maria and 23 baby gorillas get their names

September 07, 2018

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Two women kneel next to a Brazilian flag as they light candles

People light candles for presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro after he was stabbed by a man in Juiz de Fora at Paulista avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sept. 6, 2018.


Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

US diplomats have the job of explaining America's policies to the world. That job gets harder when Washington and the White House appear to be in turmoil. And, after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, thousands of Puerto Ricans left the island to try and get on with their lives on the US mainland. We check in with some students a year later to see where they've ended up. Plus, The World's Shirin Jaafari gives us an update on her upcoming series from Afghanistan and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' visit to the country.

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